Weaving for me has been a short but intense history filled with many ups and downs.  After taking almost two years off, I’m ready to begin again.

I’m not very good at writing blogs. This is one of the “downs” I was talking about. I’m hoping by combining my weaving with a blog post, I will have something to write about and something to weave. Let hope it works 🙂


Back in November of 2017, I decided to make my own advent calendar using wool instead of chocolate. I knitted a large bag to hold all of the wool and wound small skeins. These skeins or (tiny balls of wool) I placed in a plastic bag. This way I wouldn’t be able to tell what I was randomly grabbing out of the bag by touching it. It worked really well. 

From December 1 to the 15th, 2017, I randomly picked from the knitted bag and pulled out a bag with wool in it. Then I labeled it with a number so that I could keep track of the order they came out. 

My next step is to take the wool and make a monthly calendar with them. 

It’s a small beginning but I am super excited to get back into weaving and taking my time to learn new techniques, ideas, and explore the world of weaving.