January Week 2 & 3


I forgot how much fun weaving can be 🙂 A long time ago, I took a weaving class and we had 4 solid hours of weaving. I was amazed at how much weaving could get done in that time.  Now I only have a few minutes to an hour to weave each day before I’m off doing other things, but I’m happy with my progress so far. 

I decided to combine weeks 2 and 3 together in this post to keep it simple.

I was happy to use my dyed yarn in this. The purple wool was dyed with Logwood back in 2014 (Top line – Right side). It came out a gorgeous purple colour.


Here is a picture of the tapestry so far. From day 1 to day 23. I’m loving the way the colours are coming together. Two more colours and then the title at the top. I only picked enough yarns to go from December 1st to 25th when I initially setting things up. 








January Week 1

I’m so happy that I made my first goal with weaving this year! I’ve made 10 squares on my tapestry one for each day of the week. Now to get past the two week mark. 🙂

No comment on it taking to day 15 to post this though. Lol. #BabySteps !

Here are some of the wool & cotton I used for my first 10 Days.

And a pic of what I have done so far. I forgot how annoying slits can be. I know that some people sew them together as they go and other’s sew them together later. I haven’t decided which direction I’m going to be going in but I think to make this easier, I will sew them as I go.




Weaving for me has been a short but intense history filled with many ups and downs.  After taking almost two years off, I’m ready to begin again.

I’m not very good at writing blogs. This is one of the “downs” I was talking about. I’m hoping by combining my weaving with a blog post, I will have something to write about and something to weave. Let hope it works 🙂


Back in November of 2017, I decided to make my own advent calendar using wool instead of chocolate. I knitted a large bag to hold all of the wool and wound small skeins. These skeins or (tiny balls of wool) I placed in a plastic bag. This way I wouldn’t be able to tell what I was randomly grabbing out of the bag by touching it. It worked really well. 

From December 1 to the 15th, 2017, I randomly picked from the knitted bag and pulled out a bag with wool in it. Then I labeled it with a number so that I could keep track of the order they came out. 

My next step is to take the wool and make a monthly calendar with them. 

It’s a small beginning but I am super excited to get back into weaving and taking my time to learn new techniques, ideas, and explore the world of weaving.


June 2016

My latest tapestry, Beyond the Gate, will be included in the American Tapestry Alliance (ATA) 11th International, unjuried small format tapestry show.

I’m super excited!

My tapestry will be hung in the Milwaukee Public Library from July 26th to August 11, 2016.











Title: Beyond the Gate

Materials: Seine twine warp and wool weft

My comments: I took a class with Elaine Duncan many years ago and I learned how to draw designs that would work when weaving a tapestry. This is one of the many designs that I ended up drawing during the class. I loved the idea of a gate and what opening or closing one could mean. I can’t wait to expand on this idea and others I thought of while in the class. 🙂



Exciting News!

Over the last couple of months I have been working on finishing a tapestry for the American Tapestry Alliance (ATA) “Untitled/Unjuried” small format tapestry show.

It has been sent in and received 🙂

My tapestry, along with many other amazing and wonderful tapestries, will be held at the University of Rhode Island Providence Campus Gallery from July 8th to August 8th, 2014.

April Trafford tapestry_Watermarked








Title: Unfortunately

Materials: Cotton warp/100% wool weft

List of unfortunate events/things in the tapestry: flat tire, broken crystal ball, getting caught in a rain storm (without an umbrella), broken money bag, broken heart, miss matched socks (which some people like 🙂 ) and a no parking sign.

My comments: I started out with the idea of a broken crystal ball that had unfortunate events inside. But when I took the picture with the white background the image changed to a girl with black hair and the unfortunate events/things looked like tattoos on her face. I like the idea that I created a tapestry that can be looked at in two different ways and it’s up to the viewer to see and interpret which one they see. The crystal ball or the girl with tattoos?